Life of Pi Trailer Premier

The first trailer for Ang Lee’s long awaited adaptation of Yann Martel’s 2001 bestselling novel, Life of Pi, was released today. The novel chronicles, well, the life of Pi, an Indian man stranded in a boat after a shipwreck with a bengal tiger. The novel is a fantasy that tricks you into thinking its not, and the trailer’s beautiful imagery seems to be capturing that feeling. No dialogue is seen in the trailer, which is unsurprising given the fact that the novel is a first-person perspective and much of it takes place with only one human character in the mix. It will be interesting to see how Lee deals with this problem, whether he has Pi talk to himself or the tiger Cast Away style or if he uses voice-over narration to convey Pi’s thoughts or something else entirely. I for one am cautiously excited by the trailer. Life of Pi stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan and Tobey Maguire, and will be released this December in theaters.


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