First Full Skyfall Trailer

Bond is back with 100% more blonde Bardem! (Try saying that 10 times fast). This trailer has everything one might expect: classic music, lots of explosions, fun new gadgets, evil villains, Judi Dench, scantily clad women, and lots of gunfire. It also gets bonus points for actually including part of the plot which the teasers leading up to this had left out. It loses points for that plot being “MI6 messed up again.” But oh well, you can’t have everything. Did I mention that Javier Bardem is blonde? And he’s the villain? Apparently, his natural coif is just too warm and fuzzy to be villainy. At least this blonde ‘do is better than this, at least, I think. I’m also pleasantly surprised by Ben Wishaw’s Q, who appears to be the first hipster in a Bond movie. There’s something too cute about him and Craig sharing the screen. But you can make your own judgments below. Skyfall is set for a November 9 release.

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