New Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer

Don’t blink or you’ll miss all of the images and clips packed into the second official trailer for Doctor Who’s seventh series. We’ve got daleks and daleks galore, also weeping angels, dinosaurs, very British robots, on the villain side, and the Ponds, River Song, and of course the Doctor himself as our heroes.

The title of the first episode of the series “Asylum of the Daleks” and Steven Moffat’s comic con revelation that there would be “more daleks than you’ve ever seen in one place” had me quite worried about this first half of series 7 (the 2012 half will have five episodes and a Christmas special, and then it will return in 2013 with the 50th anniversary celebration). I love Who but the daleks are not my favorite of the villains, and I feel that the rebooted show works much better when it uses new monsters, as opposed to rehashing the dated ones. The trailer has alleviated my fears somewhat. I liked what the show did last series in the penultimate episode, “Closing Time,” where revamped cybermen terrorized a department store. In that instance the cybermen stayed relatively hidden for most of the episode, and refrained from incessant repetitions of their “Delete Delete!” catchphrase. Hopefully something similar will be done here with the daleks, who you’ll notice are no longer in the technicolor they transformed into in series 5.

The show is continuing its streak of location shooting and its move to incorporate more of the US. Look out for a wild west themed episode and an episode shot in New York City (you can catch a glimpse of the Brits in Times Square in the trailer).

Also look out for the official exit of the Ponds, two of the most beloved companions of recent years. Moffat has confirmed their last episode will be this fall’s episode 5, although he’s keeping mum about the reason for their exit. Next year the Doctor will return with a new companion, played by British newcomer Jenna-Louise Coleman. Details about this new character are also being kept top secret, although we should probably expect a large and complex backstory, knowing Moffat.

The start date is still not official, although at comic con the BBC said the series would be starting “this summer” and the new trailer has now pushed that back to “this fall.” Check out the trailer below and make your own judgments about the long-awaited season!

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