First Thor: The Dark World Trailer

And in more trailer news this Tuesday, we get the first full trailer for November’s Thor: The Dark World. It’s pretty, well, dark. Ominous music and ominous floating busses and ominous shots of Natalie Portman covered in mud. She hasn’t been that dirty since she did this. The trailer holds back on what this mysterious “dark” threat is, but we know it’s bad because Thor’s heading over to Loki for help. The plot (and Chris Hemsworth’s hair) thickens!

I know it’s just the last few seconds but I can’t get over what we see of Loki. Apparently the only prisons strong enough to hold him are made of glass. Point to remember for containing dangerous gods. Secondly WHAT is going on with his hair? Let’s take another look at it:

I mean, bro, seriously. I know Thor takes place in two worlds but is one of them 1967? Is the rapidly growing hair virus (first seen on Mad Men) transdimensional? Everything about Tom Hiddleston in this shot suggests a 60s era rocker, the hair, the weirdly tattered clothes and even his blank stare. I imagine the rest of the exchange going “Bro, I’d love to help you but I am SO baked right now. I mean there’s not much else to do in glass prisons.”


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