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New Much Ado About Nothing Trailer

For those of you who are, like me, obsessively counting down to the June 7th release of Joss Whedon’s black and white, shot-in-12-days-at-his-house, modern re-telling of Much Ado About Nothing, I have good news! A new trailer premiered this morning on Digital Spy, aimed at the UK (which is why it calls Whedon the acclaimed director of Avengers Assemble, the UK title of The Avengers). 

This trailer has a whole lot more Fran Kranz and Sean Maher (of Dollhouse and Firefly respectively) and a whole lot more Amy Acker (Angel) falling down. All of these things are pleasing. Although it does seem to focus more on the drama and less on the comedy. There’s quite a bit more footage than in the original trailer, it’s definitely worth a look.

Watch the new trailer at Digital Spy and check out the original trailer below.