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First Thor: The Dark World Trailer

And in more trailer news this Tuesday, we get the first full trailer for November’s Thor: The Dark World. It’s pretty, well, dark. Ominous music and ominous floating busses and ominous shots of Natalie Portman covered in mud. She hasn’t been that dirty since she did this. The trailer holds back on what this mysterious “dark” threat is, but we know it’s bad because Thor’s heading over to Loki for help. The plot (and Chris Hemsworth’s hair) thickens!

I know it’s just the last few seconds but I can’t get over what we see of Loki. Apparently the only prisons strong enough to hold him are made of glass. Point to remember for containing dangerous gods. Secondly WHAT is going on with his hair? Let’s take another look at it:

I mean, bro, seriously. I know Thor takes place in two worlds but is one of them 1967? Is the rapidly growing hair virus (first seen on Mad Men) transdimensional? Everything about Tom Hiddleston in this shot suggests a 60s era rocker, the hair, the weirdly tattered clothes and even his blank stare. I imagine the rest of the exchange going “Bro, I’d love to help you but I am SO baked right now. I mean there’s not much else to do in glass prisons.”

New Much Ado About Nothing Trailer

For those of you who are, like me, obsessively counting down to the June 7th release of Joss Whedon’s black and white, shot-in-12-days-at-his-house, modern re-telling of Much Ado About Nothing, I have good news! A new trailer premiered this morning on Digital Spy, aimed at the UK (which is why it calls Whedon the acclaimed director of Avengers Assemble, the UK title of The Avengers). 

This trailer has a whole lot more Fran Kranz and Sean Maher (of Dollhouse and Firefly respectively) and a whole lot more Amy Acker (Angel) falling down. All of these things are pleasing. Although it does seem to focus more on the drama and less on the comedy. There’s quite a bit more footage than in the original trailer, it’s definitely worth a look.

Watch the new trailer at Digital Spy and check out the original trailer below.

New Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer

Don’t blink or you’ll miss all of the images and clips packed into the second official trailer for Doctor Who’s seventh series. We’ve got daleks and daleks galore, also weeping angels, dinosaurs, very British robots, on the villain side, and the Ponds, River Song, and of course the Doctor himself as our heroes.

The title of the first episode of the series “Asylum of the Daleks” and Steven Moffat’s comic con revelation that there would be “more daleks than you’ve ever seen in one place” had me quite worried about this first half of series 7 (the 2012 half will have five episodes and a Christmas special, and then it will return in 2013 with the 50th anniversary celebration). I love Who but the daleks are not my favorite of the villains, and I feel that the rebooted show works much better when it uses new monsters, as opposed to rehashing the dated ones. The trailer has alleviated my fears somewhat. I liked what the show did last series in the penultimate episode, “Closing Time,” where revamped cybermen terrorized a department store. In that instance the cybermen stayed relatively hidden for most of the episode, and refrained from incessant repetitions of their “Delete Delete!” catchphrase. Hopefully something similar will be done here with the daleks, who you’ll notice are no longer in the technicolor they transformed into in series 5.

The show is continuing its streak of location shooting and its move to incorporate more of the US. Look out for a wild west themed episode and an episode shot in New York City (you can catch a glimpse of the Brits in Times Square in the trailer).

Also look out for the official exit of the Ponds, two of the most beloved companions of recent years. Moffat has confirmed their last episode will be this fall’s episode 5, although he’s keeping mum about the reason for their exit. Next year the Doctor will return with a new companion, played by British newcomer Jenna-Louise Coleman. Details about this new character are also being kept top secret, although we should probably expect a large and complex backstory, knowing Moffat.

The start date is still not official, although at comic con the BBC said the series would be starting “this summer” and the new trailer has now pushed that back to “this fall.” Check out the trailer below and make your own judgments about the long-awaited season!

First Full Skyfall Trailer

Bond is back with 100% more blonde Bardem! (Try saying that 10 times fast). This trailer has everything one might expect: classic music, lots of explosions, fun new gadgets, evil villains, Judi Dench, scantily clad women, and lots of gunfire. It also gets bonus points for actually including part of the plot which the teasers leading up to this had left out. It loses points for that plot being “MI6 messed up again.” But oh well, you can’t have everything. Did I mention that Javier Bardem is blonde? And he’s the villain? Apparently, his natural coif is just too warm and fuzzy to be villainy. At least this blonde ‘do is better than this, at least, I think. I’m also pleasantly surprised by Ben Wishaw’s Q, who appears to be the first hipster in a Bond movie. There’s something too cute about him and Craig sharing the screen. But you can make your own judgments below. Skyfall is set for a November 9 release.

Life of Pi Trailer Premier

The first trailer for Ang Lee’s long awaited adaptation of Yann Martel’s 2001 bestselling novel, Life of Pi, was released today. The novel chronicles, well, the life of Pi, an Indian man stranded in a boat after a shipwreck with a bengal tiger. The novel is a fantasy that tricks you into thinking its not, and the trailer’s beautiful imagery seems to be capturing that feeling. No dialogue is seen in the trailer, which is unsurprising given the fact that the novel is a first-person perspective and much of it takes place with only one human character in the mix. It will be interesting to see how Lee deals with this problem, whether he has Pi talk to himself or the tiger Cast Away style or if he uses voice-over narration to convey Pi’s thoughts or something else entirely. I for one am cautiously excited by the trailer. Life of Pi stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan and Tobey Maguire, and will be released this December in theaters.